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Custom Painting Services

As a subdivision of American Business Telephone & Technologies, All Products Painting (APP) houses a state of the art painting facility providing top quality painting and refinishing. With an expert staff and spacious, controlled painting environment, APP fulfills your industrial, aerospace, automotive or hobby painting needs. We offer customized painting using low VOC spraying techniques, and a green vain compressor ensuring low moisture and a quality finish. No matter how large, or small your requirement, APP will accommodate you through each process of painting and refinishing; from preparation work to applying a final touch with a spray matte, textured or glossy finish.


  • Service companies nationwide
  • 2 year warranty on services provided
  • Full preparation work including surface, sanding
  • Customized painting, metallic
  • Color matching
  • Spray matte, textured, glossy finishes
  • Single stage and base coat, clear coat spares
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