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Corporate Accounts

Our corporate clients are provided an array of unique services in the areas of telecom and data equipment warehousing and delivery, online inventory tracking of warehoused equipment and telephone refurbishing and repair. We have not only saved them money, but allowed them to be “green” as well.

Telephones that they would have thrown away, have been refurbished and repaired using our three tier approach, and then redeployed to sites anywhere in the USA. We assess each incoming telephone and categorize them by level of needed refurbishing or repair.  This ensures that clients only spend what is truly needed and not a cent more.  Our clients love this method and have saved thousands of dollars.  Finished product can be shipped to various locations or delivered for FREE in the State of Connecticut.  

Many large businesses also struggle with how and where to store old, no longer needed, or broken telephones, as well as, newly acquired telecom equipment for immediate or gradual deployment.  We offer a large onsite facility to house this equipment both long- term and short-term.  Many of our clients have taken advantage of this.  We provide the unique ability to store, manage and deliver/ship any of their equipment anywhere is the USA.  Equipment can be tracked by our clients in an online inventory system, with a unique id and password specific to the company.  Is equipment disposal an issue?  We have assisted our clients with this as well, leaving them out of the picture.  It’s that simple.  Companies have increased their onsite office space and eliminated the need to manage their equipment at onsite facilities.   These strategically important services have saved our clients time and money.

As a nationally known telecom company we have also saved our corporate clients on telecom equipment and accessories, by providing quality products at competitive prices.  We sell both new and refurbished equipment and have most of it in stock ready to go. 

We have created many long term relationships with our corporate clients.  Clients remain loyal to us because of our commitment to high quality products and services.