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Custom Painting Services - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of items do you paint?

    We have been painting plastics for the telecomm industry for 14 years, under the name All Products Painting. We also paint automotive parts such as bumper skins, hoods, scoops, wings and interior parts. We even have dabbled into painting from airplane wings to daily household appliances/cabinetry. Basically if you want it painted, more often than not, we can do so.

  2. You seem to have painted a lot of telecomm parts, why would anyone consider having a telephone painted?

    The telephones we paint are primarily installed in big businesses to maintain a professional image. Telephones typically endure daily wear and are expensive to replace. We dissemble said telephones, repaint individual parts, reassemble and test the telephones. This process saves hundreds of dollars as well as imitates the resemblance of a brand new telephone.

  3. With the big emphasis being made on "being green" are you?

    Yes, we are "green" in many aspects within our company. First we "reutilize" as well as paint parts which may otherwise be thrown away. Often components we paint are in working condition but are cosmetically challenged. We extend the usable lifetime of telephones which helps the customer save money in the process.

  4. When you say painting, is this done with a brush or a spray can?

    All of the painting is done in a controlled environment inside a large paint booth. We use a professional quality spray gun with a low V.O.C (volatile organic compounds) which is friendly to the environment. Painters also wear protective clothing and a breathing apparatus.

  5. What types of finishes do you apply?

    We can accommodate all colors including glossy, matte, textured, including single stage, base coat as well as clear coat paints.

  6. Can you paint my car?

    Car painting requires DMV as well as special licensing which can be found at automotive repair shops, therefore these places can paint your car commercially. However, we can paint individual automotive parts and accessories, so please bring over any part that you would like customized.

  7. If I show you the color, can you paint it?

    Yes, with a color chip (it needs to be larger than a half dollar) or pantone number so that we can match and paint the item. There is an additional setup charge for special mixes from the paint supplier. Colors in stock and already matched are only charged for preparation and paint.