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Telephone Systems - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you sell new and remanufactured telephone systems?

    Yes, we provide new and quality remanufactured systems. The remanufactured systems are fully tested and are paint refinished as well as checked out completely in regards to aesthetics and functionality.

  2. If I buy a system from you, will you be able to train me and my personnel how to use it?

    Yes as a part of the installation, we will program the system to accommodate your company's specific needs. We will also show a member of your staff some basic administrative procedures enabling him/her to change things such as recordings or voicemail passwords. In addition, we will provide training to show staff how to use the telephones within their job position.

  3. My telephone system is working, why should I upgrade or change it out?

    Well ask yourself this question, if there is functionality missing which could make your office more efficient would you do something about it? If the answer is yes, then you should consider upgrading or changing the system out. Certain functionality that creates more office efficiency includes automated attendant, caller ID/caller log, on hold music or announcements, VoIP telephone lines, remote/home office telephone extension, message notification and voicemail. Reviewing your current system and the new functionalities that are possible, you can better determine the answer to this question.

  4. I'm opening a small office with four lines and four telephones. Why shouldn't I just get four line telephones at the office super store?

    The types of telephones located at the office super store will work for your office; however they will be missing essential office features that our telephone systems do provide. What we have noticed is that our customers ultimately remove these office super store telephones in favor of an actual telephone system. Features most desired are intercom, flashing line indicators; such as call on hold, transfer capabilities, expandability and voicemail. They are expensive to add to an office super store telephone and many cases its worth investing in a telephone system initially.

  5. I want a new telephone system and need increased telecomm functionality to operate my business more efficiently. I don't have enough money to buy outright; do you have any monthly payment plans?

    Yes, we have partnered with Wells Fargo and Marlin Leasing to provide competitive leasing plans. These include Fair Market Value and $1 (dollar buyout) leases with no money down for one to five year terms to suit your financial needs. This way you can upgrade your telecommunications system without breaking the bank.

  6. Right now my budget is tight. Can you help me fix my broken telephone(s) and restore the paging system?

    Yes, we would be more than happy to "fix what you've got." It is very helpful if you have programming manuals and passwords available. We are able to repair, reprogram and refinish any telephones you have as well.

  7. I'm hearing more about Voice over IP all the time. Is this worth exploring?

    telephone service via the web (internet) has improved greatly. It can be half the price of standard copper telephone service from regular providers. It can be delivered over cable and DSL broadband. There are provisions to utilize with existing telephones or upgrading to a VoIP telephone system. There is more to be discussed and considered before actually making this jump.

  8. What are the main things I need to answer when thinking of replacing my telephone system?

    It is important to think of current needs and future expansion when contemplating a replacement of a telephone system. Therefore these questions should be pertinent. What features will help me do my job better? Will service/parts be available? Are the telephones and system user friendly? Can the system be remotely maintained? Can software be upgraded as newer features become available? Will the system expand with my system?

  9. Speaker telephones are very important to my business. Do the telephones have speaker telephones and can I add a conference speaker telephone?

    Yes, all telephone systems we offer have quality speaker telephones built into all telephones. All telephone systems have the capability to add conference room Polycoms for conducting telephone calls in larger rooms with more people. We have new and remanufactured units available.

  10. We are seriously considering upgrading to a VoIP telephone system for our office. What are some basic things I should know?

    First of all, VoIP telephones operate on a computer network. Your local area network (LAN) has to be sufficient enough to support telephones as well as your computers. You need enough ports on your switches. If you are using VoIP Telephone service, you need to consider deguate bandwidth coming in from your provider. There also has to be a place to house the hardware. Another item which is often overlooked is that the telephones need power. If you do not have a POE (power over Ethernet switch), each telephone may require a network connection and AC power transformer or brick. Other things which may require upgrading may be routers and servers. All of this must be taken into consideration when undergoing this transition.