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Focus on Green

  • Committed to Green solutions in all aspects of our business practices
  • Recycle old telephones using a comprehensive testing, refurbishing, repair and painting process to make telephones look and function like new
  • Telephone parts are reused whenever possible to reduce waste
  • Plastics are cleaned with non-harmful cleaners to protect employees, customers and the environment
  • Telephones are cosmetically enhanced using environment friendly low V.O.C paints
  • Our paint booth is environmentally friendly
  • Repacking of telephones conforms to the need of cardboard reduction and elimination
  • Unused cardboard at our facility is recycled
  • Non-repairable telephones and telephone parts are disassembled, sorted and recycled following strict guidelines to ensure they do not end up in landfills
  • Telephone pickup and delivery utilizes recyclable plastic containers
  • Donate and /or deeply discount complete refurbished/recycled phone systems to non-profits and religious organizations
  • Create a useful "second life" for older, stand-alone telephones through a special refurbishing process and then donate them to local non-profit agencies.

How does this help your company?

  • Reduce green house gas emissions by preventing plastics and electronic parts from ending up in landfills and incinerators
  • Reduce electronic waste which contains hazardous substances like Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Brominated Flame Retardants that injure human health if not disposed of or recycled properly
  • Reduce non-biodegradable plastic waste which gets incinerated producing harmful air pollutants like CO, NOx, SOx, chloro-dioxins and benzenes that can cause cancer in humans.
  • Reduce cardboard clutter by keeping refurbished telephones in plastic bins for easy pickup and delivery
  • Reduce e-waste by repairing old telephones instead of discarding them thereby extending their usable life
  • Conserve raw materials, greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels by having your telephones refurbished instead of buying new ones
  • Be a part of giving to the community through recycling old telephones and donating to charitable organizations
  • Cost benefit – saving money by recycling